Everyone of us has a part to play in the safety of those around us. If one of your friends or colleagues had a medical incident wouldn't it be good if you could act, increasing their chance of recovery?


Our courses are run by front line medical professionals who are passionate about equipping you to be well equipped in an emergency. Our teaching methods are lively, fun and memorable.


We run training courses at locations that suit you, not us. We can come to your place of work, public places or even your home. Flexibility is key to the running of our business.

At Action for Life we are really trying to make a difference.

We believe the time has come to rethink how First Aid training is delivered, and that is what we have done. By only using first aid professionals like Paramedics we are bringing a far wider bank of knowledge to our learners so that questions can be answered in an understandable and memorable way. We don’t avoid questions, we encourage them…

We understand that First Aid is not just about head knowledge, it’s also about delivering the techniques with the hands so we have lots of opportunity to practice these new skills. We arrange scenarios to put our learners into as real a situation as we can so they will feel more confident when they are called upon to provide emergency treatment.

Everything we do is designed and calculated to provide the best possible training so that our delegates can provide the best possible care.

We don’t teach people to pass tests, though we currently have a 100% success – We train them to be great first Aiders.


First Aid Training
  • CitizenAID (RQF)

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