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Action for Life is a first aid training company born out of the realisation that most people lack the skills to provide meaningful and effective first aid. While the intent to help is there, knowledge and practical skills are often missing. Our aim is to bridge this gap, ensuring that everyone is equipped to respond effectively in emergencies.

Why Choose Us

Saving Lives, Not Just Passing Tests

Intelligent First Aid

We believe in empowering our trainees with a deep understanding of the human body and its responses, enabling them to make informed decisions in emergencies. Our approach fosters intelligent first responders who are not just reacting mechanically but are equipped to provide effective, thoughtful care.

Comprehensive Courses

Our course offerings cater to a broad range of needs. From mandatory workplace courses like First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid to unique courses addressing specific needs, such as care for the elderly, recognising and responding to sick children, and first aid for babysitters.

Our Commitment

At Action for Life, our focus isn’t just on helping delegates pass courses; it’s about teaching them to save lives and provide exceptional care when it's needed the most. If you're looking to make a real difference in critical moments, join us. We speak the language of life-saving action.

Expert Trainers

Real Experience, Real Learning

Unlike other training courses, our courses are engaging and practical, stemming from actual experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. Our training team consists of frontline ambulance clinicians and nurses, all with firsthand experience in emergency care. Their real-life stories underscore the importance of timely, correct intervention.


Our Team

Safety Stewards


Your Safety Partner

Ready to empower yourself with life-saving skills or need expert medical support for your event? Contact us today to book a first aid training course or secure professional medical assistance!

Stuart Brown


I’m Stuart, the founder of Action for Life. My background as a frontline paramedic has driven me to develop engaging first aid training for the public. I’ve been happily married for 30 years and have three children, with the eldest training as a paramedic. Living near a beautiful sandy beach, I’m motivated daily by the need to educate people in handling medical emergencies. I focus on creating fun, engaging training with real-life stories, aimed at preparing individuals to effectively handle such situations. How fortunate I am!

Andy Bolton


I’m Andy, a current member of the Armed Services and a former Battlefield Casualty Drills instructor. I also volunteer as a Community First Responder, working with ambulance crews and responding to high-priority medical incidents.

Now, I lead the event cover segment of our business, focusing on training and leading teams that provide compassionate and user-friendly medical care.

Michael Freer

IT & Marketing Coordinator

I’m Michael from the Operations team at Action for Life. Starting as a St John cadet, I quickly advanced to a Level 3 First Response Emergency Care qualification.

I’m involved in event medical teams and also coach trainees at Action for Life. Additionally, I manage and develop our IT systems and processes.

Graham B.

Skills Coach & Event Medic

I’m Graham, a family man and proud grandad with over 40 years of experience in carpentry and joinery. Holding a first aid qualification since my teens, I rediscovered my passion for prehospital care after attending an Action for Life course.

I’m now part of the Medical Events team, covering a variety of events and acting as a Skills Coach on training courses.

Daryl Fulls


As a business strategist and lifelong friend of Stuart, I spent 28 years in the footwear industry building our family business Moshulu with my brothers. In 2012, I started anew with Scribble & Ink, a then-failing office supplies business, now thriving under the leadership of my business partner, Lesley Allinson.

My journey has led me to Action for Life, where, although not a medic, I’m helping to grow the business and enable the team to train more people to be confident when faced with real life medical emergencies. It’s a great thing to be part of, especially as I get to do it with Lesley, who as always does most of the work and makes me look a lot cleverer than I actually am!

Lesley Allinson


After 7+ years as Operations Manager for Plymouth Chamber and several office management roles, I found my way to Scribble, starting as an account manager and working through various positions to become MD last year. Now, with a strong team at Scribble, Daryl and I dedicate time to assisting small businesses.

I bring finance and organisational skills, and Daryl makes most of the noise, but together we are helping entrepreneurs build successful companies. Working with Stuart and Andy building this business is already proving to be fun and hugely rewarding – just check out our reviews!