Why Action for Life?

Action for Life is a training company that was formed as a response to a frustration that the majority of people who we all meet every day do not know how to provide meaningful and effective First aid. To be fair most people want to help, but putting a coat over a collapsed casualty doesn’t always totally meet their needs.

The majority of our trainers are frontline Ambulance clinicians or Nurses. All of them have many stories of how lives might have been saved with the right intervention. Every member of our training team has significant experience in providing First Aid to real people in real emergencies. They train from experience not just from a book. The training is fun and its practical and the feedback we receive is outstanding. Take a look at our testimonial page and see for yourself.

We believe that better treatment is given when there is understanding about what is happening within the body and we give our delegates sound knowledge so that they can work out the best treatment rather than just mindlessly reacting with pre-programmed responses. Our training is designed to produce intelligent First Aid responders who are effective.

We offer a full range of options that are shown on our courses page. Broadly they fit into two categories. There is the statutory courses: First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid etc. that are required in the workplace, as well as Defibrillator courses and Short courses that cover CPR  and basic life support.  We also provide a range of courses that we have written in response to shortfalls in knowledge that we have identified. Eg. Caring for an elderly person, How to spot a sick child and what to do and First Aid and Care for babysitters.

What we don’t do is teach our delegates just to pass courses, we teach them to save lives and provide excellent care for people at the point they most need it. If you really want to make a difference when it matters talk to us and you will find we are definitely speaking the same language.

77% of people feel unable to give CPR. Let's change that!