Curry or cardiac arrest?

One sunny Sunday morning I was working on an ambulance when we received a call to go to a local park where there was a male in his early sixties who wasn’t feeling well. When we arrived we discovered four gentlemen of a similar age who had been playing tennis. It was their practice to […]

CPR – the best place to start

During a training session a couple of years ago I was talking about the how the heart works and what can go wrong. A young lady, in her early twenties, seemed to be listening particularly intently. During the break she came up to me and told me her story. Two years previously her Dad, who […]

St John cadet, age 9, saves his choking little brother’s life

James Reed is 9 years old and is already a hero. The Daily Mail reports that James, who is a St John cadet, had learned about how to deal with a choking incident earlier during the day. When he returned home he was watching TV with brother Harri (aged 3). They were both eating a […]

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