Calpol or Casualty?

Mini Course


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Family Fundamentals

A unique first aid mini-course designed for families with young children. Taught by Paramedics or Specialist Children’s Nurses, this course covers a range of common yet critical scenarios, from choking to concussion.

This course is ideal for parents, caregivers, or anyone involved with children, providing peace of mind and practical skills to handle everyday emergencies confidently.

What's Covered?

Finding Help

Exploring various care pathways, sources of assistance, advice, and information.



Course Features

This First Aid mini-course is tailored for families with young children.

Unlike most courses focused mainly on life-threatening situations, ours includes valuable content for everyday life. Taught by experienced Paramedics or Specialist Children’s Nurses, we cover both critical and common events.

Our aim is to equip our trainees with the confidence to manage everyday health issues that could have serious implications.

3.5 Hour Course

A concise but informative course efficiently covering essential first aid skills in just 3.5 hours, perfect for busy families.


Learn from experienced paramedics and specialist children's nurses, ensuring you receive top-tier, professional first aid instruction.

Practical Training

Engage in hands-on training with real-life scenarios, equipping you with practical skills to confidently handle everyday emergencies.

It was so good to be able to go on this course. My mum talks about when I was a baby when the health visitors would drop in regularly to give advice to her. These days it doesn’t happen like that at all. I now feel so much better prepared to look after my baby which means that I can relax a bit instead of being fearful every time she is a bit off colour.

- Calpol or Casualty? Attendee

Success Stories

Creating empowered and informed caregivers.

Calpol or Casualty? has been very well received by those who have attended the mini-course. We are getting feedback from delegates that, as a result of the training, they now feel far more able to take care of the children in their care in a confident and well-informed way.


Ready to care with confidence?

Join our course designed parents, caregivers, or anyone involved with children non-professionally. Enroll easily online or by phone. Begin your journey towards confident and informed childcare today!

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