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Senior Care Essentials

A mini-course crafted for individuals who interact with senior citizens in a non-professional capacity, whether through family ties or friendships. This course covers crucial topics like CPR, stroke recognition, and managing dementia, tailored for elderly care. It’s taught by experienced Paramedics, Nurses, and clinicians, ensuring you leave with the confidence to manage common health issues that seniors face. If you’re looking to provide compassionate and informed care to the elderly in your life, this course offers the guidance and skills you need.

What's Covered?

Finding Help

Exploring various care pathways and access points for assistance.



Course Features

Our Senior Service first aid course is led exclusively by  Paramedics, Nurses, and seasoned clinicians, ensuring that attendees gain not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills and strategies for handling common health challenges faced by seniors.

Participants will leave the course not only with a deeper understanding of elderly care but also with the confidence and competence to address issues that, while common, can lead to serious consequences if not managed properly.

An invaluable resource for anyone looking to provide informed and compassionate care to the older adults in their life.

3.5 Hour Course

An efficient, comprehensive 3.5-hour session, perfect for learning essential first aid skills in a time-effective manner.


Gain insights from seasoned Paramedics, Nurses, and clinicians, bringing real-world expertise and experience to your learning.

Practical Training

Focused on hands-on training, this course equips you with practical skills for immediate application in real-life scenarios.

My husband felt unwell one day and decided to go to bed. I had just attended a Senior service course and was able to identify that he was in the early stages of having a stroke. When the ambulance arrived the Paramedics confirmed what I suspected and he was taken to hospital with the blue lights and sirens on. Because he was treated early he has absolutely no lasting effects from the stroke, he is just the same as he was before. I am so happy I decided to attend the Senior Service course which was not only very interesting but gave me the information to save my husband.

- Senior Service Course Attendee

Success Stories

Building confidence and empowering caregivers.

Senior Service has been very well received by those who have attended the mini-course. We have feedback from delegates of all ages who are feeling much more confident about their abilities to spot issues before they become problems.


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